Sports for Development and Peace: Today and Everyday

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On the brink of releasing my first book called Athlete for Life, I wanted to pause to thank the thousands of young women and men that I met during my time as a U.S. Department of State Cultural/Sports Envoy. 

I traveled outside the United States for the first time as a representative of freedom, peace, and understanding; while I had no formal training in diplomacy, I had the red, white and blue running through my veins. With an unwavering drive to connect with people and unite by utilizing a common thread, Sports was the vessel which transformed me and countless others. 

I remember praying with six young girls in Alexandria, Egypt. We prayed for their equal opportunity to play sports and be educated; they also prayed that I’d never stop showing people the true power of sports. 

I will not stop! 

UAE 2015

Sports is a universal language. No matter your race, gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic background, in sports we can find a common ground and connect beyond just the game itself. 

My book Athlete for Life is a culmination of my student-athlete experiences. I focused on becoming more balanced, I became an Ambassador for achieving greatness through succeeding after your competitive athletic days are over. 

On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to serve and inspire so many, and in return I remain dedicated and thankful for the greatness of Sport for Development. 

I will forever be an #AthleteForLife

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