Support An Athlete For Life

Athlete For Life is a manual that all student athletes need.

The book Athlete For Life will be a manual on how with balanced preparation, the academic and athletic skills of a young athlete can transcend boundaries. The skills and dedication used honing ones athletic craft, when applied to academics and other aspects of the student athlete experience, create a formula for lifelong success. Being a successful athlete doesn’t end on the court or field, it’s the game of life.

You can support An Athlete for Life by selecting one of our sponsorship levels.

Gold:  Support your school and or community with 250 books as well as a speaking engagement by the author along with a discussion with students.

Silver:  Support your school with 100 books as well as a small group discussion for up to 25 players.

Bronze: Support your school or team with 25 books as well as an hour online chat Q & A.


I am confident that this book will be life changing for students, and I wish I had something like this as a student athlete beginning my journey.   Your support will allow us to truly engage as many students as possible.  We all can be a part of the journey of success – you can give students a guidebook that will give them a leg up!


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