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Public Speaking

Student Athlete Transition Prep

Guest Writer

Omari Faulkner can speak to your audience on a variety of topics including:

Leadership: Omari's repertoire centers on lessons learned through his professional career, athletic career, and his track record of service.

Team Building: As an executive, athlete, and service member, Omari connects with his audience through candid accounts of the role each person plays on the road to growth and success.

Service: Omari speaks to his audiences on the importance of service through examples of both domestic and international engagement.

Omari can assist student athletes with interview and college career fair preparation, coaching students on the art of how
to effectively convey your personal discriminators to employers.

Omari has been published in numerous publications including: Parade Magazine, The Federalist, USC Public Diplomacy, and the Memphis Flyer. Mr. Faulkner can be a guest writer for your publication on a variety of topics.