NBA Draft Day: What About the 99%?

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) draft is an emotional event for many different groups- the aspiring young professionals, their families, coaches, and the fans who spend countless hours researching the best possible selections for their respective teams.


2016 NBA first draft pick, Ben Simmons, with Commissioner Silver.

It’s a night where dreams do come true. All the blood, sweat, and tears have le
d to the moment when you await the call of your name, place the hat of your next team on your head, and shake the hand of NBA commissioner, Adam Silver.

Many Never Make It

On average, only 1% of college players play professionally, yet studies have shown that more than 70 percent of Division I Men’s Basketball players believe their name will be called on draft night.  If not then, there is a strong belief that at some point in their basketball journey they will indeed make it.

The seed of playing professional sports is now planted earlier and earlier in the hearts and minds of young athletes. Hence is why I see it so paramount that we dually plant a seed of educational balance in our young student athletes. By placing a priority on the long term impact of education early in their journey, families and college programs alike will undoubtedly advance the concept of developing the complete student-athlete.

Having dreams and working toward them is important, and I commend student athletes for their dedication. But having a balanced approach in working toward those dreams is also important.

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