Life Lessons Extend Beyond the Books in D.C. Public Schools

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Culture is an essential element of learning, and it is best absorbed the younger you are.  Given the rate our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, early exposure to the world, its people, and their cultures can place someone light years ahead of their peers.

It seems the D.C. Public School system understands the importance of early cultural exchanges and is truly pushing to provide its students with unique learning opportunities, as was highlighted in a recent Washington Post article.   Learning is a continual journey, and exposure is by far the best teacher.  Through its study abroad program, the D.C. Public Schools sent over 400 students on international exchange programs, some traveling to Asia, Africa, and South America.  The program looks beyond test scores, and aims to give the students a leg up, preparing them for the next chapter after high school.

Programs such as these exemplify the creative ways that a love for learning can be fostered in students.   It pushes students out of their comfort zone, allows them to become leaders in their community, and gives them an experience that will last a lifetime.   My experience traveling profoundly effected my world view and set ablaze my passion for service.  Great work to D.C. Public Schools in providing this opportunity to its students.



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