Thank You Veterans!

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maxresdefaultMany companies, educational institutions, families, communities, and individuals alike work vigorously throughout the year to support Veterans and their families. Since the very founding of our Nation, brave servicemen and women have answered the call of duty to defend our country and freedom around the world. Therefore, this group deserves our time, attention and investment.

Veterans Day is an opportunity for Americans to pause and pay tribute to our military veterans who have served the United States as members of our armed forces.  Through the daily rigors of life, one can sometimes take for granted the personal sacrifices many have made in protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – the basic freedoms that led our country to declare independence and later stand as a global beacon of hope.

In today’s climate, division is often highlighted, encouraged and even championed, but I am confident that we all agree that Veterans deserve the utmost appreciation for their service, both at home and abroad.

On this Veterans Day 2017, let us pay tribute to those who have served and to those who presently sacrifice in service to our country, including a special thanks to their families. As a former student-athlete, I would like to give a special salute to all the young men and women who are also student-athletes at our service academies and those participating in ROTC programs across the county.  I admire your commitment to academics, athletics, and service to country; your leadership qualities and your ability to serve as students and also as athletic ambassadors for your respective educational institutions is commendable.

I humbly thank all of our Veterans, you will forever remain in my prayers.

God Speed,

Omari Faulkner

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