2018 Winter Olympics – Sports Diplomacy in Motion

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2018 winter olympics2

This year’s 2018 Winter Olympics could be the most globally watched winter games in modern history. With a unified, courageous spirit spreading throughout Pyeongchang on opening night, both North and South Korea marched together under one unified flag projecting the hopeful possibility of a peaceful Korean peninsula. 

I would be remiss if I did not state the obvious, Sports Diplomacy is a powerful force. The Olympic Global Games allow us to see the very best of what we can become- Unified.  Yet unification requires action and not a mere opening ceremonial showcase at the Olympic Games.   

Athletes from 92 countries are participating in this year’s Winter Olympics, which is no longer confined by distance and time zones.  Technological advances and globalization allows those from all walks of life to see countries display their flags and compete as their nation’s representative.

We as a global community must work collaboratively to develop solutions for our world’s most pressing issues such as poverty, human trafficking, terrorism, etc. Sport and global sporting events can succeed in bringing us together, yet it takes proactive action and a steadfast commitment to deliver results that bring success and unification. Sports can be the vehicle that joins us, but only dedicated people can drive us to the outcomes we hope to see.


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