“Time doesn’t stand still” – yet I beg to differ. 

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We’ve all heard the saying “time doesn’t stand still” – yet I beg to differ.  Through my experiences when time is either wasted or unfocused, your days, weeks, and months can blur together; often times, you lack in measurable results or accomplishments.  Then you look back and think, “where did the time go” or “time doesn’t stand still”. Whether you believe this to be true or not, the truth is many people spend most of their time focusing on tasks and activities that aren’t high priority. 

Here are three simple tips that I’ve implemented over the years to assure I am driving towards my goals:

Just ME Time:  There will always be a million and one things that you could be doing, reading, or watching.  I have found that one of the most effective time management practices is self-reflection, which provides the opportunity to focus on upcoming near and short term goals.  You can do this weekly, three times a week or even daily- however the frequency, the goal is focus.  Ask yourself, am I progressing towards my goals? Are my priorities in place?  Am I doing enough?  Am I doing too much? These simple questions will allow you to focus your mind on your priorities and as your day progresses, you will find that you are naturally focused on positive results to these very questions…

Just say NO:  Over the years I’ve often found myself up to my ears in priorities, and while I manage them effectively, at times I would have to admit- this is just too much!  In life we all have limits, and there is nothing wrong with putting boundaries around your time- it’s YOUR time; therefore, you must guard it with your life.  Saying no can often times lead to feelings of guilt or selfishness but saying no can also be a valuable deposit into your time management chest.  When our time management chest is low, we can easily become fatigued, weary, and irritable. To avoid this, say no sometimes and say yes to more you time, more time exercising, or just doing the thing YOU enjoy doing.

Write Things Down: In today’s digital age, putting pen to paper can seem daunting and foreign to some.  Seeing your priorities in your own handwriting can symbolize their importance and when things are important to us, we treat them differently.  There have been countless studies which suggest that when you write things down it activates your brain’s left and right hemisphere which naturally sends signals through every cell in your body- how powerful!  If you are a tech hawk, then write them on your smart tablet.  If you are like me, I love pen and paper.  I’ve started taking pictures of my goals and even filing them in folders to keep and review on a regular bases. 

Time can stand still if you manage it properly.  Understanding that there are only 24 hours in a day, set your properties towards a focused set of goals, accomplish them, and you will no longer feel overwhelmed, stressed and unproductive; you will feel the total opposite – comfortable, relaxed and constructive.

-Omari Faulkner


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