Remembering September 11th

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September 11, 2001 changed America’s history. Many of us remember the exact place and moment when we heard the United States was under attack. Many of us also remember how Americans united together, ready to defend our country and protect our citizens. During a time of anguish and grief, we came together as one. In honor of the lives we lost 20 years ago and the countless repercussions many battle with to this day, for them, let us choose unity over division. Instead of pointing a finger, offer a helping hand and a heart that resembles the true spirit of American patriotism. 

As we vow to never ever forget, may we never stop teaching our younger generation, and generations to come, about what we lost and what we gained through a tragic event here at home. 

To the first responders, service members, and those on the flights, our American heroes, thank you for your sacrifice. We honor your courage and will always teach our future generations how America rose from the ashes, and she always will. 

God Speed,


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