Student Athlete Transition Prep

Athlete For Life Program Outlines

Program 1: Student-Athlete Transition from High School to College (Six Week Program and Full Day Event)

Over a six week period, this program is designed for High School Senior Student-Athletes embarking on their upcoming transitions to college.  Each week, Omari Faulkner will lead a 60 minute workshop focused on Athlete For Life foundational elements (balance, time management, strategically building strong networks, recognizing and capitalizing college resources, mental wellness/transcendence).  Based on personal experience, Omari will provide invaluable guidance on a healthy and successful transition from playing sports as a high school athlete to an entirely new role as a college athlete. 

The six week program will be concluded with a full day event, launching recently graduated high school student-athletes into their journey as a college student-athlete.  During the full day event, a one hour workshop is dedicated to parents.  This particular transition has a strong impact on parents, and Omari provides them with insight on their imperative role for student-athletes.  

Program 2: High School Student-Athletes’ College Preparation (Four Week Program) 

This program is designed to mentor high school student-athletes during a pivotal time of their student-athlete career – the college selection process and preparations that follow. Omari will conduct a two hour workshop focused on guiding student-athletes through selecting a collegiate school.  Early on, student-athletes are faced with offer letters and a life-changing decision that while exciting and even exhilarating, the decision can make or break one’s future.  

Omari will also equip student-athletes with the Athlete For Life foundation, teaching them how to implement the Athlete For Life foundational elements for a success academic and athletic career.  Creating this foundation earlier than later is critical for a student-athlete – building the platform prior to transitioning to college and entering foreign territory is paramount!

Program 3: Leadership Workshop for Coaches 

Coaches blaze the trail! With experience as both a student-athlete and coach, Omari understands the paramount role coaches own in the lives of student-athletes.  This two hour workshop is dedicated towards enhancing a coach’s development as a leader, mentor, and ever present figure in a student-athlete’s life.