Volunteer Brigade

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At the recent Virginia Service and Volunteerism Conference, held in Richmond, VA,  I spoke of service and volunteerism and the difference we all can make by taking small steps forward.  Are you interested in becoming a Service Culture Ambassador.

Then joining the Volunteer Brigade is just the next step to get you moving forward.

As part of the Volunteer Brigade, you will be connected with a community of individuals, eager to do the needed work of service within our community.  Everyone can play a part in making their community better, and as a part of the Volunteer Brigade we will give you steps and tips on how to be a Service Culture Ambassador.  You will be connected with individuals who share your passion, and if you share your story with us, you could be a featured spotlight Service Culture Ambassador, as we continually highlight the great work that you and members of the Volunteer Brigade are doing.

So are you ready!

Because we are on a mission to be 1 Million Strong, and the Volunteer Brigade needs You!  Don’t wait any longer- Stay connected and Join Us Today.

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