America’s 2020 Historical Juncture, Let Us Rejoice

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This year as we spend valuable time with our loved ones, and most importantly, give thanks for the many blessings within our lives – I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a key component in my life that I am passionately thankful for – Our American History.  With every move we make, it surrounds us; with every breath we take, we have the opportunity to create it; We The People are responsible for protecting and preserving our history.  We are responsible for continuing to build a brighter future grounded on our Nation’s founding principles – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   

Some might characterize 2020 as an extraordinarily challenging year.  Right now, many are suffering or have suffered through the direct and indirect effects of this global pandemic; be it physically, financially, mentally, or emotionally.  All of these stresses cause serious impact to our daily lives, which I do not take lightly.  Personally, I have seen this historical juncture through a lens of growth – this holiday season, we must take a moment to rejoice, remember, and be thankful for all that we have accomplished together in such a short period of time.   

As we respond to the societal impacts of COVID-19, we do so in the spirit of the American Way – we Do The Work. We’ve changed the way we work, the way we educate our children, the way we gather with family, our distance in community spaces; companies have worked at warp speed to adjust, creating medical treatment options for the virus; and together, we persevere.   

It is through this lens of our Great American Spirit, I am honored to share that in 2021 I am introducing a children’s book series that encourages young children from K-4 grades to embrace and understand our history, be proud of where we are today, and engage the opportunities that lay ahead for all of us.  I am extremely excited and blessed for this project.  I thank you for your support and express my warmest gratitude to you and your family on this Thanksgiving.  

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